The Seven Realms are thrown into disarray with the discovery of the Aether, a mysterious source of magic that had begun raining upon the world. Believed to grant immeasurable power, the world descends into a frenzy to claim the territories where the most Aether can be found. As the seven sovereigns, mobilize their champions, only the silent few acted in protest. For they understood that the days of hard earned peace were over. This Fool's Conquest, would eventually lead to a war so great it could tear the realms asunder. These are the days of the Arch War.

Battle your way through a visually-stunning fantasy PVP with dozens of mighty heroes and demons. Make tough decisions and choose your best heroes or demons with the best skins and abilities. Master strategies to crush opponents in the PvP Arena. Join forces with fellow players in cooperative clan challenges as you seek glory. With each victory, you will gain rewards to enhance and advance your heroes or demons to the next level. To become a legend, you must do more than simply become a hero or demon – you have to be the best!

The Heroes and The Demons

All the reasons to enjoy Archwar

Intensive PVP Arena

Throw down the weapons and brawl with other players in fierce Arena battles. Variable modes to be selected where two teams go in – only one comes out victorious.

Dozens of heroes

Enlist the help of mighty heroes to fight against your rivals. Remember that victory awaits those who can rally the right team. Choose wisely since each of your heroes has its own unique characteristics and skills.

Tons of Characters' upgrades and skins

Play Archwar your way! Upgrade your characters the way you like it and customise how they looks with tons of skins. Victory goes to those who build the right characters with the right skills for the right battles.

Behind the scenes of making Archwar possible

You can also check out here the process of creating and designing Archwar' characters and game settings.