Version 1.18.0

30 June 2021

  • Main Menu
    • Improved and fixed some UI transition
    • Added Inbox system
  • Magic Chest
    • Added an alert when Magic Chest is not ready
  • Character
    • Fixed movement speed not reset after using the Utility Skill
    • Fixed some attack not register issue
  • Gameplay
    • Scoreboard will now show the winning status
    • Improved visual for minimap
    • Improved visual for ingame teammate health info
    • Fixed UI transition issue
    • Fixed in-game teammate health info not display correctly issue
    • Added Status Effects Icon
  • Tutorial
    • Improved experience
    • Fixed some collision issue
  • Cauldron
    • Fixed stuck issue for some hero
    • Reduced collider for tower
  • Others
    • Improved some netcode
    • Various internal system improvement
  • New Inbox System!!
    • Players can now receive messages such as announcements from the developers
    • This will make informing players about recent events through the game much easier!
    • This feature only affects in-game and will not result in notifications on your devices
    • The inbox system will also allow us to send player special rewards when the time comes!
    • Until then, please enjoy some announcements of the day while we prepare the next major feature that will utilize the Inbox system most! :)
  • New Status Effects Icon
    • Whenever a player is afflicted with status effects, an icon will now be shown inside the game
    • You can tap on the status effect icon to gain further description on its effect
    • Now you'll know what status is affecting your heroes and why
  • Hero Reworks/Balancing!!!
    • General Balancing
      • Health Increase
        • All heroes health have been increased relative to their classes. This is done to increase hero survivability during group fights which would allow more opportunity for players to aid one another and make interesting plays.
      • Health Regeneration Rework
        • Hero natural regeneration has been increase so that it takes on average 40 seconds for heroes to fully recover their health from 1HP. This would allow players who are gravely injured to stick around and support teammates without having to return to their respective portals just to heal. Healing at the portal areas will still recover health faster than the natural passive of course.
      • Health Regeneration Trigger Duration Increased
        • To offset the faster health regeneration, the regeneration trigger has been increased to 9 seconds so players have to put some space between themselves and the enemies before the health regeneration starts.
      • Turning Rate Adjustment
        • Turning rate for heroes have been standardized and will turn much faster than before. We noticed most heroes who were using attacks where they could turn
      • Stun Time Adjustments
        • Most heroes attack stuns have been reduced or converted into slow status as we found the stuns interrupted player flow too much.
      • Attack Reworks
        • Attacks for heroes have been reworked so most characters can move while using their Default Attacks and now feature a shorter animation time so players can launch projectiles with better precision and timing. Some heroes Combos have also been adjusted or been given new ones to better fit with their role and commitment to the battle at hand.
      • Mana Regeneration Rework
        • Mana has been adjusted for some heroes in line with their play style, such as Dankuma who has a longer Mana Regeneration Trigger and shorter Base Mana Regeneration to encourage blizting while Titus has a shorter Mana Regeneration Trigger and longer Base which requires better precision for his combo attacks.
    • Hero Specific
      • Titus
        • Adjusted hitbox to be more precise with attack animation timings.
        • Base Mana Regen slowed slightly while Mana Regen Trigger sped up so Titus is always able to perform his Default Attack quickly but will not be able to repeatedly pull off his full Combo in the middle of a firefight.
        • Combo 3 reworked to deal more hits and overall more total damage.
      • Briar
        • New Combo 1 added:
          Pushing her previous Combo 1 to Combo 2 and C2 to C3 etc.
        • Briar performs a seductive taunt as her Combo 1, slowing down any opponent heroes that are hit by her attack. The taunt does low damage but slows opponents enough to successively follow up with her tornado attack as Combo 2.
        • Utility Skill:
          Briar's Utility still spawns a small thundercloud but the cloud now triggers an area effect that stuns anyone caught in the vicinity.
      • Rina
        • Default Attack and Combo 1 reworked to hit multiple times and trigger separately each time.
        • Reworked Combo 3:
          Rina lunges forwards, dealing damage to all enemies in her way.
        • Utility Skill:
          Animation changed and Rina now dodges backwards while creating an effect that increases the defense of all allies in a small radius around Rina after she dodges.
      • Dankuma
        • Adjusted hitbox to be more precise with attack animation timings.
        • Default Attack reworked to perform a shorter lunge but animation time has been sped up so Dankuma can move again faster after the attack.
        • Combo 1-5 reworked so slow Dankuma's target and allow Dankuma to walk and turn while the Combo is being performed.
        • Utility Skill:
          Dankuma's skill now slows opponents greatly in a large area around the point of impact.
      • Devon
        • Devon now performs a series of alternating fire and ice attacks and has a total of 5 attacks.
        • Combo 1 moved to Combo 3, while his previous Combo 3 (Meteor) is now his final attack.
        • New Combo 1 added:
          Devon fires a quick moving ice projectile that slows a single opponent greatly.
        • New Combo 2 added:
          Devon casts a slow moving fire projectile that moves along the floor and explodes in a large area upon impact.
        • Utility Skill:
          Healing ability has been increased to heal more over a short span of time.
      • Akari
        • Utility Skill;
          Chance to miss attacks increased to 80%
      • Zephyr
        • Adjusted hitbox to be more precise with attack animation timings and reflect her attack spread.
        • Adjusted Combo 2:
          Previously, this would only affect an area of enemies in front of Zephyr.
        • Adjusted Combo 4:
          Zephyr's ground slam slows all nearby enemies instead of stunning them. Her area of effect has also been nerfed slightly.
      • Abigail
        • Reworked Combo 1:
          Abigail slings an energy capsule that explodes on impact and pulls any nearby enemies closer to its center.
        • Reworked Combo 2:
          Abigail flies into the air and sends a sharp energy bolt that knocks enemies back slightly.
        • Reworked Combo 3:
          Abigail summons energies from the earth itself to rise up and hit enemies multiple times. There is a brief delay before the energy pulses forth.